Four retirement seat candidates to be selected this weekend

At least three of the four candidates to be selected this weekend are all but guaranteed to be Members of Parliament at the UK General Election in May 2015. They are all being selected in constituencies where the current MP is standing down:

  • Conservative PPC for Boston & Skegness to replace Mark Simmonds MP (12,426 or 28.8% majority), although it is one of UKIP’s top 12 target seats – ConHome has provided the shortlist of four
  • Conservative PPC for Havant to replace David Willetts MP (12,160 or 27.7% majority) – again, ConHome has the shortlist of four
  • Labour PPC for Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough, following the announced retirement next year of David Blunkett MP (13,632 or 35% majority) – the shortlist of three comes courtesy of the Sheffield Telegraph
  • Labour PPC for Swansea East where Siân James is standing down, (leaving a 10,838 or 33.2% majority).

EDIT: Updated to include Swansea East.


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