Several likely future MPs selected

This weekend saw several candidates selected that will in all likelihood be future MPs after May 2015. They all replace sitting MPs who are not re-standing and all have supposedly large majorities, although one is likely to come under considerable pressure from UKIP.

Harry Harpham, Labour PPC for Sheffield Brightside & HillsboroughHarry Harpham, David Blunkett’s successor in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, was selected last night as the Labour PPC. Harpham is a former Nottinghamshire striking miner, researcher to David Blunkett and Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council. Labour had a majority of 13,591 votes (27.2% majority) at the 2010 General Election over the Liberal Democrats. (, @sheffharry)

Alan Mak, Conservative PPC for HavantAlan Mak was selected at an Open Primary (open to all voters in the constituency) as the Conservative PPC for Havant. David Willetts, the sitting MP and former Minister, leaves behind a Conservative majority of 12,160 (27.7%) in the seat that he has represented since 1992. The Cambridge University educated, former lawyer and businessman looks likely to be a lively new member of the Commons after 2015. (, @AlanMak4MP, @AlanMakUK)

Matt, Warman, Conservative PPC for Boston & SkegnessMatt Warman, the consumer technology editor at the Daily Telegraph, was chosen to stand as the Conservative candidate in Boston and Skegness on Saturday. He has worked at the Telegraph since graduating from the University of Durham in 2004. Although seemingly inheriting a 12,426 (28.8%) majority from the retiring Mark Simmonds, the seat is one of UKIP’s top dozen target seats. UKIP are selecting their candidate on 13 November and the hopefuls include the colourful former Conservative MP for Tatton, Neil Hamilton. (, @mattwarman).

Carolyn Harris, Labour PPC for Swansea EastCarolyn Harris has been selected as the Labour PPC for Swansea East replacing Sîan James who is standing down. Harris inherits a 10,838 (33.2%) majority from her former boss, having worked as Sian James’ parliamentary assistant and constituency manager since her election in 2005. Previously she was a charity and community worker. (, @carolynharris24)

I’ve recently learnt that Conor Murphy, Sinn Féin MP for Newry & Armagh, was not re-selected for the seat that he has held since 2005. It’s not clear whether he stood down voluntarily or was de-selected, but he’ll be counted amongst those MPs who are retiring in 2015.

Mickey Brady, Sinn Fein PPC for Newry & ArmaghHis replacement, Mickey Brady, was selected last week in the seat that Sinn Féin defended in 2010 with a 8,331 votes (18.6%) majority over the SDLP. Brady has been the Northern Ireland Assembly member for Newry & Armagh since 2007. As with all previous Sinn Féin MPs elected, he is not expected to formally take his seat in Westminster. (@MickeyBradyMLA)


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