The retread MPs hoping for a return to Parliament

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail both run a piece today focusing on seven former Labour MPs and two former Liberal Democrat members who lost their seats at the 2010 General Election, but who as so-called retread MPs, are re-standing in May 2015 in the hope of getting back into the House of Commons.

Telegraph 29 October 2014Daily Mail 29 October 2014

There are a total of 19 identified former MPs hoping for another chance in 2015. Fourteen of them are former Labour MPs who all bar one lost narrowly in 2010, three are Liberal Democrats, one is a Conservative (Boris Johnson) and one was an Independent MP.

The full list is below:

  • Bob Blizzard – former Labour MP for Waveney 1997-2010 (re-standing in 2015, Labour target seat no.12)
  • Dawn Butler – former Labour MP for Brent South 2005-2010 (re-standing in Brent Central in 2015, Labour target seat no.23)
  • Paul Clark – former Labour MP for Gillingham 1997-2010 (re-standing in Gillingham & Rainham, not a top Labour target seat)
  • Andrew Dismore – former Labour MP for Hendon 1997-2010 and current London Assembly member for Barnet and Camden (re-standing, Labour target seat no.3)
  • David Drew – former Labour MP for Stroud 1997-2010 (re-standing, Labour target seat no.16)
  • Julia Goldsworthy – former Liberal Democrat MP for Falmouth and Camborne 2005-2010 and SPAD to Danny Alexander (re-standing in Camborne & Redruth, the no.1 Liberal Democrat target seat by majority)
  • John Grogan – former Labour MP for Selby 1997-2010  (re-standing in Keighley, Labour target seat no.48)
  • Patrick Hall – former Labour MP for Bedford  1997-2010 (re-standing in Bedford, Labour target seat no.24)
  • Boris Johnson – former Conservative MP for Henley 2001-2008 (re-standing in Uxbridge & South Ruislip, hoping to replace the retiring MP, Sir John Randall) – the only Conservative retread to date
  • Sally Keeble – former Labour MP for Northampton North 1997-2010 (re-standing, Labour target seat no.39)
  • Rob Marris – former Labour MP for Wolverhampton South West 2001-2010 (re-standing, Labour target seat no.13)
  • Mike O’Brien – former Labour MP for Warwickshire North 1992-2010 (re-standing, Labour target seat no.1)
  • Nick Palmer – former Labour MP for Broxtowe 1997-2010 (re-standing, Labour target seat no.8)
  • Kerry Pollard – former Labour MP for St Albans 1997-2005 (re-standing, not a top Labour target seat)
  • David Rendel – former Liberal Democrat MP for Newbury 1993-2005 (re-standing in Somerton & Frome hoping to replace the retiring MP, David Heath)
  • Joan Ryan – former Labour MP for Enfield North 1997-2010 (re-standing, Labour target seat no.29)
  • Anne Snelgrove – former Labour MP for Swindon South 2005-2010 (re-standing, Labour target seat no.55)
  • Richard Taylor – former Independent MP for Wyre Forest 2001-2010 (re-standing as National Health Action Party)
  • Richard Younger-Ross – former Liberal Democrat MP for Teignbridge 2001-2010 (re-standing in Newton Abbott)

All lost their seats in 2010 except Boris Johnson and Kerry Pollard.

Note: Messrs Clark, Pollard and Younger-Ross are not included in this specific research on potential winnable candidates.


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